Fitness Machine Technicians increase revenue by 23% with SalesDesk

March 17, 2022
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In 2018, Fitness Machine Technicians (FMT) was starting to franchise and needed a reliable commercial lead flow.

“After doing a pilot, the results spoke for themselves and the owners signed up with SalesDesk…they have been a great partner. Having SalesDesk present at our Discovery Days has helped us bring potential franchisees on board because they see the results.”

Don Powers | President, Fitness Machine Technicians


SalesDesk created an inside sales program that focused on email outreach to apartments, condominiums, hotels, gyms, schools and any establishment who managed a multi fitness machine gym.

SalesDesk was also invited to participate in Discovery Days with the executive team at FMT. Discovery days are the opportunity for FMT to share, with the potential franchisee, how they support the owners. SalesDesk has been the selected FMT partner to drive commercial business since 2019.


SalesDesk increased commercial revenue by 23% over the last four years.