SalesDesk Drives 18% Growth for Caliber Service Management through Effective Email Lead Generation

February 16, 2023
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Caliber Service Management, a leading commercial landscape company, faced challenges in generating quality leads and achieving sustainable growth. To overcome these obstacles, the company partnered with SalesDesk, a cutting-edge sales enablement platform that specializes in effective email lead generation. This case study outlines how SalesDesk helped Caliber Service Management achieve an impressive 18% growth by leveraging its powerful email outreach capabilities.


Caliber Service Management had established itself as a reputable player in the commercial landscape industry, offering a wide range of services including maintenance, design, and installation. However, despite their expertise, the company struggled to consistently generate leads and convert them into paying customers. They recognized the need to adopt modern sales techniques to expand their customer base and drive business growth.


Caliber Service Management faced several challenges in their lead generation efforts, including:

  • Limited lead pool: The company’s existing lead pool was mainly around referrals, making it difficult to sustain consistent growth.
  • Ineffective outreach strategies: Traditional outreach methods such as cold calling were not yielding satisfactory results.
  • Low conversion rates: Even when leads were generated, the company struggled to convert them into paying customers due to a lack of qualified opportunities.


To address these challenges, Caliber Service Management partnered with SalesDesk, a data-driven sales enablement platform that specializes in email lead generation. SalesDesk offered the following solutions:

  • Targeted lead generation: SalesDesk provided a comprehensive database of potential leads in the commercial landscape industry, ensuring a larger and more diverse lead pool.
  • Customized email outreach: SalesDesk’s platform allowed Caliber Service Management to create highly personalized and engaging email campaigns.
  • Automated follow-ups: SalesDesk’s automation capabilities enabled Caliber Service Management to set up personalized follow-up sequences, ensuring consistent communication and increasing the chances of lead conversion.
  • Analytics and tracking: SalesDesk provided real-time analytics and tracking features, allowing Caliber Service Management to monitor the performance of their email campaigns, identify successful strategies, and make data-driven adjustments.

Implementation & Results

Caliber Service Management integrated SalesDesk into their sales processes and implemented the following strategies:

  • Database enrichment: SalesDesk’s extensive database allowed Caliber Service Management to enrich their lead pool by targeting specific industries, geographic locations, and company sizes.
  • Personalized email campaigns: Leveraging SalesDesk’s email customization features, Caliber Service Management crafted tailored messages addressing each lead’s pain points and highlighting the company’s unique value proposition.
  • Automated follow-ups: SalesDesk’s automation capabilities enabled Caliber Service Management to set up automated follow-up sequences that ensured consistent communication with leads, increasing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Performance optimization: Using SalesDesk’s analytics and tracking tools, Caliber Service Management monitored key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and response rates. They used this data to refine their email campaigns, optimize subject lines, and improve overall conversion rates.

The implementation of SalesDesk resulted in significant business growth for Caliber Service Management:

  • 18% increase in revenue within the first year.
  • 12% improvement in lead conversion rates, with more leads becoming paying customers.
  • Expansion into new markets and industries, leveraging SalesDesk’s diverse lead database.
  • Improved sales team efficiency and productivity, as they focused on warm leads generated through email campaigns.


By leveraging SalesDesk’s email lead generation capabilities, Caliber Service Management overcame their lead generation challenges and achieved impressive growth. The implementation of personalized email campaigns, automated follow-ups, and performance optimization allowed them to expand their customer base and improve conversion rates. This case study demonstrates how effective email lead generation, powered by SalesDesk, can drive significant growth for businesses operating in competitive industries like commercial landscape services.